3 types of military parachutes Singapore for sale?

Military Parachute Manufacturers

3 types of military parachutes Singapore for sale?

Military parachutes in Singapore are available in all shapes and sizes. These varying styles have been optimised for a very specific purpose. From Cruciform to Rogallo-Wing to Round-top Parachutes, here are three different types of military parachutes in Singapore and what they are mostly used for!


Whilst many may assume that parachutes are a simple subject, the opposite is actually true. There are actually an abundance of parachutes designs, styles and uses. The first thing to consider is that parachutes can, generally, be separated into two categories: ascending and descending. Ascending parachutes largely reference sport activities such as paragliding; whereas descending parachutes are primarily used for military use and jumping. With regards to military parachutes Singapore, there are roughly 3 major designs and styles that have been adopted for varying purposes.


Round-top Parachute


Round-top Parachutes, otherwise referred to as “Jellyfish Parachutes” are not often used in modern day parachuting. This parachute’s nickname can be attributed to its dome-shaped canopy and substantially slower descent rate. However, as parachuting has developed over the years, so too has efficient parachuting style and design. The biggest issue with the Round-top Parachute is the lack of control during the descent – not only is it a little bit of a bumpy ride, it is also extremely difficult to navigate and control during descent. This lack of navigational properties makes it an impracticable design for military troop parachuting; jumpers are unable to adjust their direction and, therefore, their landing position.


Cruciform Parachute


Unlike the Round-top Parachute, the Cruciform Parachute embodies a more square shape in the centre. Otherwise known as the Cross Parachute, these parachutes have been designed to reduce oscillation – providing a more stable jump. It has been proven that this style of parachute can reduce descent speeds by as much as 30%.


Rogallo-wing Parachute


This style of parachute is predominantly associated with sport parachuting. The Rogallo-wing Parachute was initially designed to increase forward speed and decrease landing speed. However in recent years, the difficulty building this parachute has lead to the increased use of other parachute design types in sport parachuting such as the Ram-air.


Military Parachute manufacturers in Singapore


Whilst there are a variety of parachute shapes and designs, each used for a very specific purpose – the most widely used design for most military parachute manufacturers Singapore is still the Cruciform Parachute. This shape is ideal for steadying jumpers descent and providing a safer landing for troops. Most military parachute Singapore have been modified and refined to best suit the unique needs of military troops – and in recent years, that means being able to support the massive gear loads that military troops are required to carry. Whist Cruciform Parachutes are the best for military parachute use, military parachute manufacturers Singapore still believe in the Round-top Canopy for emergency use: Simple, solid, and reliable – exactly what is needed in case of emergencies.


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