Military Parachutes Singapore

Military Parachutes Singapore

Military parachutes Singapore: Steerable vs Non-steerable?

Military parachutes Singapore can be separated into a variety of categories and styles: Round-top, Ram-air, Cruciform – but another subcategory of military parachutes Singapore is also steerable and non-steerable.


A parachute is a device which is designed to slow down subjects or objects through the sky, using a concept known as drag, otherwise known as air resistance – and whilst parachuting has become very popular from a sporting perspective, military parachuting is still very popular and used worldwide to deploy soldiers or even military cargo into combat zones. Military parachutes Singapore are often slightly different from sporting parachutes as they have been accurately designed for a very specific, niche purpose.


Types of military parachutes Singapore


Parachutes are available in many different shapes and sizes – and whilst the canopy fabric is often the same across the board, canopies are likely to have varying cut-outs, diameters, widths, and line lengths. All of these unique specifications have been designed for a purpose. Whether it be Round-top parachutes, Ram-air, or Cruciform parachutes: the right parachute will be heavily dependent on it’s purpose of use. Military Parachutes will generally either be a Round-top parachute or a Ram-air parachute.  The Round-top  is designed for a slow and steady descent, useful for heavier loads, and the Ram-air designed for more control over airspeed and direction, useful for soldiers in combat zones.


The purpose of steerable parachutes


Steerable Parachutes are designed for the purpose of being able to manoeuvre in air – basically, soldiers are able to navigate to the desired landing zones in flight. This is a brilliant design when used effectively in military combat as it provides the military an opportunity to deploy soldiers to exact locations. The MC-6 steerable is a good example of steerable military parachutes Singapore. This parachute can be traced back to the United States Army Special Forces, and has been in service since 2006.


The purpose of non-steerable parachutes


It goes without saying that non-steerable parachutes refer to parachute designs that have not been built for in-air navigation. Whilst this may appear irrelevant in the context of military parachutes, there are actually very specific uses for non-steerable parachutes in a military capacity. The T-11 Army Parachute is a good example of a military parachute that is not steerable. The T-11 provides the next generation of non-steerable troop parachutes, with exciting new features that significantly impact the jumper experience. This design provides an overall, substantially safer parachuting experience as it reduces the rate of descent resulting in less land accidents. Designed, developed, and manufactured by Airborne Systems, the T-11 is exclusive to the United States Army and has been in service for over 50 years.



If you are looking for more information concerning steerable and non-steerable military parachutes Singapore, find more information online or make contact with a reliable manufacturer in your area.

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