Who We Are

At Aerodyne, we pride ourselves on the legacy of our products and the innovations we have introduced to the market.

We build main and reserve parachutes and parachute-container systems for sport and military markets. This is ONESOURCE and this means you can order a full set of equipment from a single manufacturer that is designed to work together. All of our individual components (main, reserve or container) are also compatible with the gear you already have.

We work hard to deliver quality products across our range, from tandems and students to novice jumpers and weekend warriors to some of the top competitors and human-flight experts across disciplines. We pride ourselves on our customer support – before, during and after purchase. We also value our staff and dealers who, together with us, deliver great experiences to our customers.

We continue to RETHINK so we can evolve. We keep the best of our heritage while continuously innovating to achieve our most important goal: helping you achieve yours.

What We Do

Aerodyne is a parachute designer and manufacturer

Who is dedicated to producing Military Grade Parachuting equipment which is utilised in active battle. We dedicate our time to designing new and innovative equipment which will further aid soldiers while parachuting from the skies, landing them safe & sound. Check out some of the media on our website to get a good look into what we do and how our parachutes perform.