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Military Unit Supply Specialist Buyer Tips: Freefall Parachute System Gear | Tactical Parachute Systems

Buying the Rig: Tips for a military unit supply specialist.   All New Components. If your unit has money to spend on gear, always buy new! New parachuting equipment can offer your troops the best fit, comfort, reliability and the latest technology. Before you decide on what gear, brands or sized to purchase… As a […]

Military Freefall Parachute Systems: Skydiving Equipment | Tactical Parachute | Parachute Systems

Aerodyne military parachutes Singapore United States Malaysia Tactical Parachute Systems - Aerodyne Gallery tunnel

Aerodyne’s mission in manufacturing top of the range military freefall parachute systems.   Aerodyne’s Mission.   The company’s aim is to design new and innovative military freefall parachute system to land soldiers safe & sound. Aerodyne is dedicated to producing Military Grade Parachuting equipment, which can be utilised in active battle.     A basic […]